Cheating Spouse or Partner Private Investigation

Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Are you convinced they are lying to you? You should remember there is no shame in trying to figure out whether or not your partner or spouse is cheating. At the very least, you will learn the truth and be able to move on with your life. In the best case scenario, knowing that your partner is trustworthy will give you peace of mind and make you more invested in the relationship.

Go Private Investigators is here to assist you in achieving this win-win situation in a highly professional and absolutely discreet manner.

Why Choose Go Private Investigator for infidelity Investigations

We have a large team of private investigators who have a wealth of experience in detecting the truth. We use modern technology, including the latest surveillance equipment, in order to complete our tasks with formidable expertise. Confidentiality is critical in these kinds of delicate situations and it is our forte.

If you have doubts about your partner’s infidelity, we will be happy to talk with you and take the necessary steps.

Questions you should ask yourself if you suspect your partner of Cheating

Depending on your other half’s personality, there are a variety of signals that they might be cheating.

However, it’s likely that you will get a hint that your spouse is different because meeting someone new will have changed their life in a way that they are unable to entirely disguise from you. We recommend asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is your partner coming home late regularly when they never use to?
  • Do they avoid picking up immediately when you call them or do not answer at all?
  • Do they not answer the phone on purpose when you are in the same room? 
  • Have they started to care more about their appearance lately? 
  • Are they talking a little too much about a person in their life?
  • Are they evasive when you ask them about their day?
  • Are they avoiding engaging in sexual activity with you? Or do you desire more sexual activity? Cheating may cause someone to be less or more interested in having intimate relationships.
  • Do they have a shower immediately after returning home from work? 
  • Do they keep their mobile on them at all times, even in the bathroom? 
  • Are they sending and receiving emails or messages in secret

These are just some things that can point to a spouse or partner cheating if you observe any of these behaviours we recommend contacting us so we can connect you with a leading private investigator in your area.

How does a Go Private Investigator partner determine if your spouse or partner is cheating?

We conduct our investigations with an emphasis on privacy. If you choose, our private detectives can follow your partner and take professional surveillance photos and videos to document their movements. For any additional info on how we determine infidelity