Debt Collection Services

Does someone owe you or your business money? Are you struggling to collect payments ordered by the court?  Has someone not paid you for services rendered? Then you are in need of a vetted Go Private Investigator debt collection expert. A vetted Go Private Investigator debt collector can help you settle any payment or account that is due. 

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Why do you need a Debt Collector?

Debt collection takes time and should be handled by a team of trained professionals. The success of debt collection is based on a continuous process, which puts the debtor under tremendous pressure to accept liability and ultimately settle the debt. 

There are two phases to debt collection:

  • The Primary Phase: The debt collection process will start by sending the debtor legal letters, calling, sending faxes and emailing if they do not settle the amount due the debt collector will pay them a personal visit and explain to them their options. Normally the debtor will settle or negotiate payment terms in this phase.
  • The Secondary Phase: If the debtor does not settle the account the dept collector will start with the legal collection phase forcing the debtor to pay by order of the court. They will monitor the payments made by the debtor and take further legal action if payments that were agreed upon in court were not made in full or not made at all.

Typical Debts that need to be recovered in Johannesburg

  • Unpaid overdrafts and or cheques that bounced
  • Car instalments not paid 
  • Commercial judgements or court orders that have not been paid
  • Retail and department store accounts that have not been paid 
  • Credit card accounts that are in the rear 
  • Unpaid invoices or partially paid invoices 
  • Private Loans made to individuals that have not been paid
  • Rentals not paid or only partially paid 

How debt is classified in South Africa 

  1. Overdue account or Late payment – 30 days or less 
  2. Long overdue account – normally 30 – 90 days
  3. Bad debt accounts – overdue for 90 days or longer

Why use a vetted Go Private Investigator company for debt collection in South Africa?

Dept collection can be a complicated task and employing a debt collector is the safest and easiest way to get your money. Here are some reasons why using a Go Private Investigator for your debt collection is a great idea.

  • They are trained and have many years of debt collection experience 
  • They know how to take legal action against individuals that do not want to settle their accounts.
  • They will comply with all legal requirements when collecting debts
  • They have s strict code of conduct and do not employ black-hat tactics
  • They have a very high account settlement rate 
  • They are quick to act and can have you paid in no time
  • They offer a comprehensive debt collection service and can handle your debtors’ ledger

Choosing a vetted Go Private Investigator dept collector ensures you get the