Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud and fraudulent claims against your business

When it comes to defending yourself or your business against false claims, you need to be proactive when looking into insurance fraud and corporate fraud. Although insurance claims are intended to aid those in need, some people deliberately abuse the system and commit fraud.

Despite the fact that insurance fraud is on the rise, the majority of business owners lack the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

A private investigator can be useful if you’re trying to disprove allegations made against your business or determine whether a worker is fabricating information to their advantage.

The impact Fraudulent claims can have on your business

  • Increased insurance premiums if a payout is made
  • Work hours are lost when an employee claims he or she is sick or injured.
  • Cost of replacing an injured or ill employee
  • Training cost of the new employee
  • Cost of extra hours paid to other employees to complete the claimant’s work

Despite all the expenses, a lot of questionable claims go undiscovered because they are not thoroughly investigated.

With the appropriate intelligence-gathering, our network of private investigators can provide you with useful information to stop fraudulent claims in their tracks.

Contact Go Private Investigator if someone is holding you liable for an injury that you suspect is false. We will connect you with a leading Insurance Fraud detective in South Africa