Counter Surveillance and Bug sweeping

Since there are so many surveillance devices on the market, it’s easier than ever for someone to listen in on your private chats or track your whereabouts. You need expert assistance if you believe that you are being watched or that someone is utilizing eavesdropping equipment and violating your privacy. Our skilled network of counter-surveillance professionals uses the greatest TSCM tools available to search your house, place of business, or cars for any GPS tracking or eavesdropping technologies.

Make sure you’re not being observed, tracked, or recorded if you’re dealing with extremely private financial, personal, or legal problems. To ensure that your private or secret concerns are kept quiet, our Partners have the ideal resources, including the necessary hardware, software, and employees.

If you think you are being watched you don’t have to constantly worry or sleep with one eye open. Contact us today and a Counter Intelligence expert can help you get rid of the tiniest surveillance devices and determine if you are the victim of any other surveillance work.

Bug Sweeping Service in South Africa

Our partners at Go Private Investigator regularly search for bugs and other hidden devices in your environment because we respect your right to privacy. You can rely on their services if you feel uneasy or uncertain. To perform the operation thoroughly and effectively, they have access to a wide variety of RF detectors, cable analysers, and other tools.

They take the necessary precautions while planning an electronic sweep of your property, and they clearly report their results to you so you can decide whether to utilise them to determine who is bugging you or to call the police. In order to guarantee your safety and privacy, they will talk with you about your worries and provide you with advice. They have high-end equipment that allows them to do the following:

  • Determine the presence of recording or transmitting devices in residences, shops, workplaces, research facilities, hotel rooms, automobiles, and special locations.
  • They can help you find GPS tracking devices, smartphone surveillance equipment or applications, and covert audio or video recording devices.
  • Disrupt concealed transmitters and other spy equipment transmissions and recordings.
  • They can help you collect evidence and determine who is collecting evidence on you.

Signs that can help you determine if you are being watched.

Do you feel like you are being watched? Here are some things to look out for:

  • Does a door lock feel different or perhaps a door was unlocked that you are sure you locked?
  • A person knows more about you than you told them. Like where you were over the weekend. 
  • Furniture is not in the exact same spot it was when you left your office or your home last.
  • Trades People or Cleaning staff show up at your office or home without you requesting them.
  • Any interference on any electronic device like a radio, tv or phone.

Don’t risk it, even if you don’t notice any of the above indicators but sense someone is watching you. Contact a counter-surveillance specialist quite often ones gut is right.