Corporate Investigations and Fraud investigators

Businesses are increasingly the targets of Fraud and Corporate Crimes, and every organisation, big or little, should be addressing this problem head on especially if you suspect someone within your organisation. The effects of corporate crime can include significant financial loss, violations of compliance and regulatory requirements, and can be debilitating to a company.

If you suspect any fraud or any other illegal activities within your organisation we recommend contacting us today by completing our online form and a leading Corporate Crime Investigator from our network Go Private Investigator will contact you shortly.

Why Choose a Go Private Investigator partner if you suspect fraud within your organization?

Go Private Investigator agent provides the following:

  • Corporate Investigation Specialist from the Go Private Investigator Network can provide investigative Solutions that are in accordance with legal standards.
  • They are experienced in Fraud Risk Reduction, Fraud Investigations, Fraud Prevention, Theft, And Corruption 
  • They operate with total confidentiality ensuring the public does not learn of your problems.
  • They Have a high success and prosecution rate.
  • They provide proactive and reactive solutions and formulate plans to prevent crimes from reoccurring in the future.
  • They can operate unintrusively finding problems without disrupting workflow.
  • They offer a wide range of complimentary services like surveillance, counter surveillance, polygraphs and background checks.

Fraud and forensic accounting services in Johannesburg

Our network of Private Corporate investigation companies offers the following services.

  • Fraud prevention and Fraud investigation 
  • Corporate integrity and security arrangements reviews 
  • Computer forensic investigations 
  • Assessment of loss of profit and earnings 
  • Valuation of businesses including partner and shareholder disputes 
  • Assessment of matrimonial disputes and how they might affect a business
  • Investigation and suggestions for claims of professional negligence
  • Calculating benefits and available assets in cases of confiscation
  • Corruption Investigations and Corruption Prevention