Undercover Investigation Services

If you suspect something isn’t quite right within your organisation, you could be losing both money and sleep.

You need to resolve the issue, quickly. And at times, undercover surveillance is the only answer.

An undercover detective can get much closer to the action than a security system or CCTV camera. Staying within the law, We can develop leads that give you the evidence you need.

The only challenge is finding someone who’s reliable and trustworthy, with impeccable credentials and the knowledge and experience of this sensitive method of investigation.

Undercover Intelligence and Private Investigators members are seasoned professionals. We’ve been rigorously vetted, and abide by a strict code of ethics. We’re also subject to tough disciplinary procedures, We’re a safe and sensible choice for your undercover assignment.

Our undercover investigators can help you with a wide range of problems – including:

  • Theft of Product & Material
  • Theft of Time
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse 
  • Drug Dealing 
  • Sabotage
  • Threats of Violence
  • Subversive Activities

Why you should hire an Undercover Agent from the Go Private Investigator network in Johannesburg?

Here are some reasons to hire a Go Private Investigator partner:

  • Multilingual staff to provide the “right” operative for the job
  • Highly trained undercover personnel able to handle any undercover situation
  • Written reports that are in-depth, as well as periodic verbal updates when necessary
  • They can work in conjunction with law enforcement when requested 

If you need one of the best when it comes time to hire an undercover agent contact Go Private Investigator today by completing our online form and a Private Investigation Company specializing in Undercover Operations in Johannesburg will contact you shortly.