Surveillance Service

Do you need to know what someone is up to? Are suspecting a person of a crime? Do you have a gut feeling about someone’s actions? Then you might need some surveillance work done.

Organizations may need surveillance investigation services for a variety of reasons. An employee who is the subject of an investigation is a frequent example. A Go Private Investigator partner will conduct a surveillance investigation so that the target is unaware that they are being watched. Whatever the goal, they will be able to conduct a surveillance investigation professionally and be able to provide you with the information you requested.

When would Surveillance be required?

When conducting investigations, organisations generally need surveillance investigation services. An individual or a particular place could be the target of surveillance. To help determine the truth, supervisors may put employees under surveillance who are being accused of fraud or disloyalty. The findings will then be relayed to the organisation in the form of video and photographic evidence, surveillance reports or feedback meetings. Surveillance is often employed when:

  • There has been a theft  
  • You suspect someone of fraudulent activities 
  • You suspect someone of drug and alcohol abuse 
  • When you suspect someone of drug dealing 
  • Suspect an individual of sabotage or planning of future sabotage
  • When you or members of the organization have received threats of violence.

How do Go Private Investigator Partners Surveil someone?

When you hire a Surveillance Expert from the Go Private Investigator Network they will provide you with the following: 

  • They can track the movement of individuals through human surveillance both nationally and internationally.
  • They can take photographic and video evidence of the subject that can be used for evidence should the need arise.
  • They can perform electronic surveillance across various digital platforms.

They make use of advanced surveillance techniques such as drones.

Why you should use a Go Private Investigator partner for your surveillance needs.

Our vetted partners will:

  • Handle all cases with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Guarantee a high-quality service 
  • They have wide investigation networks locally and abroad 
  • Will report back regularly and in detail any findings made 
  • Can be trusted to be stealthy and will not be detected

If you are In need of a surveillance expert contact Go Private Investigator today by completing our online form and we will connect you with leading Surveillance experts in your South Africa.